Sbotop Launched Sbotop Magazine For Malaysia Market

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 8:26pm UTC


Isle of Mann, 10 November 2021 – Punters in Malaysia have access to a growing number of sportsbooks located in and out of the region. As the number of Malaysians making wagers increases each year, top sportsbooks cater to the needs of more niche betting markets. Sbotop is one of the top sportsbooks making inroads in Malaysia after making a global impact.


Sbotop currently sponsors football and sports teams in the UK, India, Asia, Europe, and South America. In addition, Premier League teams such as the Hammers and Leeds United are also sponsored by Sbotop with multi-year contracts agreed by the respective parties.

Apart from sponsorships, Sbotop’s primary services include sports betting offerings, Esports betting, and casino gambling. The subsidies help promote Sbotop in different sports and football leagues, serve as a way to attract new punters, and allow Sbotop to compete with BET365 and William Hill. While the European-established sportsbooks have a reach in Europe, Sbotop is based in Asia and Europe and has a better fan base and betting audience in Asia than other global betting services.

Sbotop Magazine

Sbotop recently announced the launch of Sbotop Magazine ( for the Malaysian betting market. Punters in Malaysia have access to premium global betting content curated explicitly for punters in Malaysia and Asia. Malaysian punters can access the sportsbook in multiple native languages for ease of access. Furthermore, punters can trust the information they’re getting is from a verified source backed by the likes of Sbotop publishers.

Features Of SBOTOP Magazine

Some of the Sbotop Magazine features for Malaysian punters include access to the latest news, curated content, betting strategies, gaming features and betting rules, access to bonuses, and how to make crypto wagers.

1. Access To The Latest News

Malaysian punters get access to the latest betting news from around the globe on their phones, tablets, laptops, or computers. Punters gain first access to the latest transfers, squad updates, injuries, upcoming tournaments, betting opportunities, the launch of new betting games, and more. In addition, bettors in Malaysia can read or listen to the news in the Premier League and the local Malaysian league from the same platform. Moreover, they will publish information, transfer, and advertising content relating to Sbotop first on the Sbotop Magazine.

2. Curated Content In Multiple Formats

Punters gain access to curated content made for Malaysian punters inside and outside the country. For example, Malaysians can access football content, cricket content, golf content, motorsports content, horse racing content, baccarat betting content, slot gaming content, online casino gaming content, Esports gaming content, and more. Punters can access the content in video format, audio format through a dedicated tv channel, blog posts, and forums.

3. Gaming And Betting Strategy

Punters can access a trove of betting data, information, analysis, and strategies on the Sbotop Magazine. Sbotop Magazine breaks down what strategies are, how punters can adopt betting strategies, place wagers and make the most out of different games, and access different odds. Some strategies are developed based on the betting markets available, and others are generated based on a sporting event such as the PCS PUBG finals.

4. Betting Features

Sbotop Magazine helps make Malaysian punters aware of the various betting features online. Punters have access to several betting features. However, punters may not be entirely aware of all the features and benefits made available to them. A betting features section enlightens punters on the various elements associated with different wagers in different sports and different bets.

5. Access To Bonuses

Magazine members gain exclusive access to Sbotop bonuses and promotions. As soon as each edition of the magazine is published, members and subscribers are the first ones to gain access to coveted bonuses and limited edition promotions. Some of the perks include free spins, cashback, rebates, etc.

6. Crypto Wagers

Punters can make wagers using crypto assets on Sbotop. However, a punter must first look at the conditions, rules, and regulations for deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency. Giving Malaysians the ability to make wagers using crypto will be huge for the betting and the crypto industry.

Sbotop Magazine is highly active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and other channels fans can learn about betting and engage with the betting community.

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